Active Directory (also known as AD) is a directory service that Microsoft developed for Windows networks and is usually not accessible from outside an organization's firewall. therefore, a direct connection to Active Directory is rarely possible (from the cloud).

In order to extract data from a customer's AD, a small software package must be installed and configured on a server within the customer's network.

Other options for extracting data from AD are also available - see the topic Active Directory Options for more details.

System Requirements

Active Directory agent must be installed on a server within the customer’s network (the server does not have to be an Active Directory server but must be a member of the domain).

Server Requirements:

  1. The server does not need to be a dedicated server (server can have other applications running on it)
  2. Operating System - Microsoft Server 2012
  3. Memory - Minimum of 2GB
  4. Disk - Minimum of 100MB of free disk space
  5. Network - Server must have internet access (in order to push the Active Directory data to OrgChart)
  6. Customer needs to purchase and install single copy of AlwaysUp (used for monitoring the Active Directory Agent) - https://www.coretechnologies.com/products/AlwaysUp/


Main Article: Active Directory Agent Install

See the Active Directory Agent Install topic for more details on how to install the agent.


Main Article: Active Directory Agent Configuration

The Active Directory Agent uses an XML file for configuration. See the Active Directory Agent Configuration topic for more details on configuration.

Reviewed 8/16/2017