The ADP Connector allows you to import data directly from your ADP Workforce Now or Vantage HCM account.

Step 1: ADP Marketplace Sign up

In order to query data directly from ADP, you must sign up for OrgChart in the ADP Marketplace.

If you haven't already signed up, click on one of the links below. If you don't have an ADP Marketplace login, go to the ADP Marketplace site or contact your ADP representative.

After signing in, click on the 'Start a Free Trial' button and then follow the instructions posted on the web site.


Step 2: Application Consent

To enable integration with ADP, you must give consent through the ADP Marketplace. Consent allows OrgChart to query your data directly from ADP.

To give consent do the following:

  1. In ADP Marketplace, click on the MY APPS tab
  2. Click on OrgChart application.
  3. You will be prompted give Consent. Click on the Allow button and then click on the Continue button to access OrgChart.

Step 3: ADP Connector Configuration

To configure ADP connection within OrgChart Now:

  1. If you aren't already logged into OrgChart, click on the MY APPS tab in the ADP Marketplace and then click on the OrgChart button.
  2. In OrgChart, click on the FILE RIBBON (filer.PNG)
  3. Click on the Configure Connectors button configure.png
  4. Select the ADP menu item
  5. Click on the Retrieve Keys button. If you get an error, see the Troubleshooting section below.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Use the Import Wizard to create your org chart or step through the Quick Start Guide.

See ADP Configuration for more on ADP Configuration.

Step 4: Import Data

To import ADP Data. Follow the steps below:
1. Go to FILE RIBBON (filer.PNG).
2. Click importwiz.png .
3. Select ADP from the drop-down list to open the import panel.
4. Choose a profile to import data from. (See previous step on configuring multiple profiles)
5. Click Next
6. Follow the import wizard steps. (Click here for details on using the import wizard)


Here are some things to try if you are able to retrieve you ADP keys:

  1. Make sure you have given consent - visit the ADP Consent Manager to grant (or review) consent.
  2. Make sure to sign up in ADP Marketplace (if you signed up for an OrgChart account through our website)
    * OrgChart for ADP Workforce Now
    * OrgChart for ADP Vantage HCM
  3. Contact customer support for assistance (your trial may have expired)