To configure additional profiles using the ADP connector:

1. Go to FILE RIBBON (filer.PNG).
2. Click Configure configure.png.
3. Select ADP from the drop-down list to open the configuration panel.

4. Select an empty profile using the profile selector drop-down.
5. Complete the following ADP configuration form. (See below for form details or skip to step 6)

  • Profile - Choose a profile from the profile selector drop-down. You can configure up to four ADP data connections.
  • Client ID - Enter the 'Client ID' key associated with the ADP account.
  • Client Secret - Enter the 'Client Secret' key associated with the ADP account.
  • Query - Define query options (leave blank for default).
  • Interface - List of supported ADP interfaces:
    • ADP Workflow Now
    • ADP Vantage
    • ADP RUN
  • Include Custom Fields - Include custom data fields with your ADP queries.
  • Optimized Server - Enable fast server connections.
  • Include Photo Field - Include photos with your ADP queries.
  • ATS - List of supported ATS's:
  • Custom Fields - Define custom data fields to include with ADP queries.
  • Report ID - Enter a report ID for this query (Leave '0' for default query).
  • Retrieve Keys - Auto-generate 'Client Secret' and 'Client ID' for your ADP profile. (Click here to learn more)

Note: This method can ONLY be used for the Default profile. Additional profiles must enter ADP credentials manually.

  • Authentication Test - Confirm valid ADP credentials were entered.

6. Click 'OK' to save and exit, or 'Save Profile' to remain in the configuration panel.
7. To create additional profiles, repeat steps 4-6.