ADP Data Preparation

Most ADP customer choose to use the ADP Connector; however, the ADP connector is not available in some regions (outside the US) and is not available for all ADP products.

These customers need to use flat files (generated from ADP) to create their charts. If needed, ADP can push flat files to OrgChart Now via SFTP. Contact you ADP representative to request a flat file push from ADP.

PLEASE NOTE: ADP may charge you an additional fee for this service. This fee is not included as part of your OrgChart Now subscription.

The recommended report from ADP is shown below. You can additional columns as needed. You can also request that custom fields be added to your flat file extract.


  1. Typical format is a CSV file (Excel Spreadsheet is also ok)
  2. File must contain a header row (with field names)
  3. For each active "worker" a row (workerStatus.workstatus starts with 'A') needs to be added to the output file.
Recommended Field Name Object ADP Field Name Description Required
PersonID workAssignment1 associateOID Unique ID Yes
SupervisorID workAssignment reportsTo.associateOID Supervisor ID Yes
Name personInfo legalName.formattedName Employee Name Yes
WorkerID workerID idValue ADP workerID Yes
Title workAssignment jobCode.longName or jobCode.shortName2 Title Yes
Hire Date workAssignment hireDate Hire date for employee Recommended
Preferred Name personInfo legalName.nickName Employee nickname Recommended
First Name personInfo legalName.givenName Given name Recommended
Last Name personInfo personInfo.legalName.familyName1 Last name Recommended
Email businessCommunication emails[0].emailUri Email address Recommenced
Business Unit workAssignment homeOrganizationalUnits[0].nameCode2 Business Unit Recommenced
Department workAssignment homeOrganizationalUnits[1].nameCode2 Department Recommenced
Location workAssignment homeWorkLocation.nameCode2 Location Recommenced

1Use the 'primaryIndicator' field to determine which workAssignment to use.
2Stored in longName or shortName depending on field length

Output Example

PersonID SuperVisorID Name Title
G3GNXHXA5X66RGQ7 G3AZ5CX2AP2JKWT6 Addison, Donesha Accounts Payable Support