Note: Make sure to go through ADP Recruitment Add-On guide before attempting the steps below. This guide is for Team customers only. For Enterprise/Premium customers click here.

To configure ADP Recruitment using the ADP connector:

1. Go to FILE RIBBON (filer.PNG).
2. Click Configure configure.png.
3. Select ADP from the drop-down list to open the configuration panel.

4. Select ADP Recruitment using the ATS selector drop-down.


6. Click OK

Note: Make sure a folder named Reference exists in the File Manager prior to next step. If it does not, go ahead and create one.

7. Import your data from ADP connector (See Import Data).

8. After you import your data, a file called 'ADPRecruitment.xls' will appear in your Reference folder.


8. Exit out of File Manager and select REFRESH tab.

9. Select Properties and select Advanced Options.


10. Select the box next to Append Data and enter the file name 'ADPRecruitment.xls'.


10. Click OK and select Refresh Icon from REFRESH RIBBON.


11. Click the Refresh button in Data Refresh Options window.


Your data from Append file will now synchronize with your old data.