The append data function allows you to add, delete and update records to any chart created using a data connector.

Often in the real world, the desired org chart does not directly correspond to the data stored in your HR system.

The append data function allows you to:

  • Add place holder boxes to your charts (e.g. Sales Territories)
  • Add employees and contractors (that are not stored in your HR System) to your charts (e.g. a person starting next week)
  • Add vacancies (or open positions) to your charts
  • Change reporting relationships (e.g. force a person to report to another manager)
  • Remove boxes from your charts (e.g. hide interns)

Using the Append function provides a method to truly automate your chart. Gone are the days of having to spend hours manually manipulating your chart to meet your business requirements.

Once the Append function is setup, you will no longer have to spend hour manually synchronizing your chart with your HR System.


The following tutorial will walk you through how to use the Append Data function.

Create a chart

  1. Log into OrgChart Now as an administrator (or with a read/write seat)
  2. Select the FILE tab
  3. Select the Import icon and then select the 'Excel' option (append can be used with any connector)
  4. Click on the Import Data button
  5. In the Samples folder, select 'Sample Data - Filter on Dept'
  6. Step through the rest of the Import Wizard until a chart is displayed
  7. Save the chart in the 'Charts' folder under the name 'Test'

Create the Append file

  1. Select the SHARE tab
  2. Select Export and then Entire Chart
  3. An Excel file should be downloaded to your computer
  4. Open the Excel file
  5. Delete all rows except for the Header Row (1st row)
  6. Add two additional columns to the spreadsheet.
    1. Action
    2. Info
  7. Update the spreadsheet as follows and then save the spreadsheet under the name 'AppendTest' when you are done
PersonID SupervisorID isAssistant Name Title Department Action Info
Vacant1 6 Open Support Tech Help Desk Add Add vacancy report to Jan Z
Vacant2 4 Open Program Manager Planning Add Add vacancy report to Bruce R
2 4 Suppress Prescilla leaving the organization next week
15 Sr Network Admin Update Peter S new title
16 6 Update Reassign Doug to Jan Z

Upload Append File to Reference folder
  1. In OrgChart Now, Select the FILE tab and then the Files icon
  2. If a folder named 'Reference' does not exist, then use the Add Folder button to create a folder. Rename the Folder to 'Reference'
  3. Upload the 'AppendTest' file from your computer to the Reference folder.
  4. Click on Exit

Set up Data Refresh

  1. Select the REFRESH tab
  2. Select the Refresh Properties icon and then select Advanced Options
  3. Select the check box associated to the 'Append Data' option
  4. Type in 'AppendTest.xls' (or .xlsx - depending on how the spreadsheet was saved)
  5. Click OK

Refresh your chart

  1. Select the REFRESH tab
  2. Select the Refresh icon
  3. Click on the Refresh button
  4. Notice that the changes specified in the AppendTest file are reflected in the chart


  1. You can add additional columns to the append file if needed
  2. You can remove columns (other than PersonID/SupervisorID/Action/Department) from the append file to make managing the file easier
  3. Column headers must match source data column headers for fields to be updated
  4. Whenever a refresh occurs the append file will be reapplied to the source data
  5. The 'Info' column is ignored - it is only there to help you remember the purpose of each line