The Assistant Wizard function allows you to automatically set the branch style for assistants within your charts. The assistant wizard settings are applied whenever the chart is refreshed. This allows assistant formatting to be fully automated.

The Assistant Wizard is a step within the Import Wizard. For existing charts, the Assistant Wizard is accessed using the Refresh Properties button.

Assistant Wizard

The following options are available for formatting assistants:

  • Manually set assistant styles - After completing the import wizard, you can manually set assistant branch styles. If you choose this option, make sure to select the corresponding option when you refresh your charts (see the refresh). Also, you will need to manually update your charts whenever assistant position are added or changed.
  • Use 'isAssistant' field to set assistant styles - If you define an 'isAssistant' field in your source data, you can use this field to automatically format assistants. A non-zero value (e.g. 1 or true) indicates that a box should be formatted as an assistant.
  • Use rules to set assistant branch styles - The recommended option is to use a rule to automatically format assistants. Any record(s) matching the defined rule(s) will be formatted as an assistant. See the data filters topic for more information on defining filters.

Assistant Types

The following assistant types are available:

  • Standard Assistant Right
  • Standard Assistant Left
  • Peer Assistant Right
  • Peer Assistant Left

By default, OrgChart will automatically will automatically place the first assistant on the right. The next assistant (under the same manager) will be added on the left. Additional assistants will alternate sides (right/left/right). Use the 'Place first assistant on the left of the manager' checkbox to start on the left.

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