Sometimes a person reports to more than one manager. OrgChart Now allows you to specify an auxiliary, or Matrix, reporting relationship in your import data. Auxiliary relationships are supported by some data connectors - contact moc.erawtfoskroweciffo|wontrahcgro#moc.erawtfoskroweciffo|wontrahcgro for more details on whether a specific connector supports auxiliary relationships.

Auxiliary relationships are sometimes referred to as secondary, dotted-line or alternate reporting relationships.

Example Case

In order to specify an auxiliary relationship, you will need to add an 'AuxSuperID' column to your data. The 'AuxSuperID' field contains the 'SupervisorID' of the auxiliary (or secondary) manager.

In the example below, Cameron Jones (ID 40) has a primary reporting relationship to Carrie Sanders (ID 2) and a auxiliary reporting relationship to Bernard Roth (ID 3). When the data is imported, OrgChart Now will automatically detect the 'AuxSuperID' column and consequently create two boxes for Cameron in the org chart (one that reports to Carrie and one that reports to Bernard).

PersonID SupervisorID Name Title AuxSuperID
1 Steve Smith CEO
2 1 Carrie Sanders Vice President
3 1 Bernard Roth Vice President
40 2 Cameron Jones Project Manager 3
41 2 Harry Cruz Engineer
42 3 Johnathan Robinson Engineer

Additional details:

  • After import, your chart will contain an 'isAux' field. The field is set to '1' for all auxiliary reports. This field can be used for conditional formats and also for defining calculations (for example, any headcount calculation should contain the rule 'isAux 'not equal' '1').
  • The PersonID for auxiliary reports will be updated to so that it is unique (e.g. in the example, the PersonID for Cameron is '40' for the primary relationship and '40-aux' for the secondary relationship.)
  • If the AuxSuperID is invalid (supervisor does not exist) then the auxiliary record will end up in the parking lot

Handling Titles

If the person has a different title in both positions consider adding an 'Aux Title' column to your data

PersonID SupervisorID Name Title Aux Title AuxSuperID
40 2 Cameron Jones Project Manager Account Manager 3

or overload their existing title.

PersonID SupervisorID Name Title AuxSuperID
40 2 Cameron Jones Project Manager/Account Manager 3