Average only records that meet specific criteria (for example, contractor equals 0)

Creating a AVERAGEIF formula

To create a AVERAGEIF formula:

  1. With a chart open, select the DOCUMENT RIBBON
  2. Click on the Field Mgr button fieldmanager.png
  3. Click on Add formula button addformula.png
  4. Select the AVERAGEIF menu item
  5. Define the rule for inclusion (e.g. Contractor equals 0). You can either define a Standard Filter or a Complex Filter.
  6. Select the Range using the Range drop-down menu (See range definitions below)
  7. Click OK
  8. Rename the formula (e.g. Average Salary)
  9. Click OK to complete the rename function
  10. Click OK (green button at the top)

Range Options

When creating a AVERAGEIF calculation, you can specify the range to include in the calculation.

The following range options are available:

  • Self + Subordinates - Checks current box and all subordinates (direct and indirect)
  • Subordinates - Checks all subordinates (directs and indirect)
  • Self + Direct Reports - Check current box and only direct reports
  • Direct Reports - Checks only direct reports

Reviewed 08/06/2017