OrgChart supports importing data directly from BambooHR.


Before importing data from BambooHR, you will need to configure the BambooHR connector.

  1. Select the FILE RIBBON (filer.PNG)
  2. Select the configure.png Configure button
  3. Select the BambooHR option
  4. Set your BambooHR subdomain (e.g. if you BambooHR link is mycompany.bamboohr.com then the subdomain is mycompany)
  5. Set the Report ID to 1 if you want to include photos and 0 if you don't want photos
  6. Click on the Retrieve API Key button
  7. You will be prompted to enter your BambooHR user name and password
  8. After successfully logging into BambooHR, your API key will be presented in a browser window
  9. Copy the key and paste it into the API Key field (in the Configure BambooHR Connection window)
  10. Click OK to complete configuration

Note: Not all BambooHR logins can be used to generate API keys. You may need to ask your BambooHR administrator to help you create an API key.

Importing Data from BambooHR

See the Import Wizard topic for next steps on importing data from BambooHR.

Reviewed 09/5/2017