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Box Spacing

boxspacing.png You can control the space between boxes by a selecting a box and then changing its spacing parameters.
Box Spacing Options
  • Standard - 1/8" between peers and 1/4" between manager and subordinates.
  • Dense - 1/12" between peers and 1/8" between managers and subordinates.
  • Manual - Custom spacing between boxes.
Manual Spacing
spaceleft.png Set minimum space to the left of a box.
spaceright.png Set minimum space to the right of a box.
spaceup.png Set minimum space above a box.
spacedown.png Set minimum space below a box.
spacebelow.png Set minimum space below a manager. Space below manager is 'Bottom Spacing' + 'Manager Spacing'

Tips and Tricks

  • Manual spacing example: 'Box A' is the left peer of 'Box B' - If 'Right Spacing' for 'Box A' is 10 and 'Left Spacing' for 'Box B' is 5. The spacing between 'Box A' and 'Box B' will be a minimum of 10.
  • For manual spacing, the -/+ controls will increment by 10 when the +10 is selected.
  • You can reset left, right, top, bottom or manager manual spacing by clicking on the corresponding blue arrow.
  • Box spacing can be set on a box by box basis.