Box Styles are the quick way to format box(es) within an org chart. OrgChart includes with a library of pre-defined (System) Box Styles. You can also create your own (User) box styles as needed.

The Box Styles Panel can be found on the Side Panel.


See the Rule Driven Charting topic for more details on how to create and edit box styles and information on how box styles are related to chart templates.

Applying Box Styles

To apply a Box Style:

  1. Make sure you are in the select.png Select Mode.
  2. Select one or more boxes in your org chart.
  3. Select 'System Styles' or 'User Styles' (using the radio buttons at the top of the panel).
  4. Double-click on any Box Style to apply to the current selection.

Managing Box Styles

The Box Styles panel provides an interface for applying and managing box styles.

There are two built in libraries:

  • System Styles - Predefined Box Styles that cannot be modified
  • User Styles - User created Box Styles
The following tools are available:
copy.png Copy a System Style to the User Style area (so you can modify)
add.png Add new a Box Style. If a box in the chart is selected, it will be used at the starting point for the new template.
edit.png Edit selected Box Style
delete.png Delete selected Box Style
duplicatefile.png Duplicate selected Box Style
renamefile.png Rename selected Box Style
uparrow.png Reorder Box Styles
save.png Save changes to 'User Styles'
reloadcharts.png Discard changes to 'User Styles'

Tips and Tricks

  • Time Saver: When adding boxes to a chart, select a Box Style prior to adding the boxes. The selected Box Style will be automatically applied to new boxes.
  • The name of a box style is shown when you mouse over that style.


showpanel.png If the panel is hidden, click on 'Show Panels' icon and then select the 'Box Styles' tab (at the bottom).

Reviewed 9/4/2017