BreatheHR Setup

This procedure assumes you are already familiar with the BreatheHR interface.

  1. Log into your BreatheHR account
  2. Enable API Key from the 'Settings' menu, selecting 'API-Setup'
  3. For live data, copy the API key labeled 'Your production API key is'
OrgChart Now Setup
  1. Log into OrgChart Now (must have administrator privileges)
  2. Select FILE tab
  3. Select Configure button (in the Connectors section)
  4. Select the BreatheHR option
  5. Enter the following parameters:
    • API-Key
    • ID
      • Setting this value to 1 would give access the following fields: ["PersonID", "SupervisorID", "Name", "Email", "Title", "Location", "Department", "Division", "FirstName","LastName", "status"]
  6. Click OK (to save BreatheHR setup)
Test the Configuration
  1. Select the FILE tab
  2. Select Import and then select the BreatheHR option.
  3. Follow the steps to complete the import wizard and produce the chart

By default the connection to BreatheHR would import all records, including 'Ex-Employee'.
OrgChart Now has the ability to filter the data so that only active employees are displayed.

  1. Save the chart that was imported from BreatheHR
  2. Move to the 'Refresh' tab and select 'Properties'
  3. Select 'Filter Data'
  4. Enable the checkbox for 'Specify data filter'
  5. Select the 'Field' dropdown and choose the field 'status'
  6. Select the 'Comparison' dropdown and choose 'does not contain'
  7. Enter the following text in the 'Value' box: Ex-Employees
  8. Click the 'OK' button
  9. Save the chart
  10. Refresh the chart by selecting 'Refresh' from the 'Refresh' menu

This will produce a chart of all the active positions in BreatheHR

Needs Review 07/31/2017