Browse Mode

browse.png Use the Browse Mode icon to toggle between the Browse Mode and the Edit Mode.

The top tool bar contains commonly used functions. It has two modes the Browse Mode and the Edit Mode. Use the Browse Mode to review your org charts. Most of the editing tools are hidden.
select.png Select Click to select a box. Shift+click to extend the selection. Click and drag to create a rectangular selection area
pan.png Pan If the whole chart cannot be displayed in the browser window, click and drag to change the displayed subarea of the chart.
save.png Save Save the current document.
closefile.png Close Close The current document.
undo.png Undo Undo the last action.
redo.png Redo Redo the last action.
publish.png Publish Create SVG, PNG, JPG, EPS or PDF files from the current chart. Published files can be included in documents (for example, Microsoft Word or PowerPoint) or web pages.