OrgChart Builder is a simple solution to slice & dice your organization's data into the exact chart you need. Builder is available to Enterprise tier and ADP Premium customers.


Chart Selector

Allows you to change the chart data that you will build from. Only available if you have a multi-chart environment.

Target Position

Indicates the box to chart. Upon clicking go, you'll see this person as well as a number of selected number of levels of reports.

Query Options

Enter the terms to look up the target box to chart. Click 'search' and select from the results.

Recent Searches

Saves the last ten different individuals you charted. Click on their name to target them for a new chart.

Data Options

Choose the selection of boxes that will come in during your search.

INCLUDE Select the levels of chart data. 2 levels of chart data brings in just the top position and their direct reports, with each additional level bringing in more levels of subordinates.
CHAIN OF COMMAND Go "Up" directly from the top position to the top of the chart. When charting from the CEO/top position of the org, this option will make no difference.

Filter Options

Choose the filters you want active during your search.

FILTERS Activate a custom filter. These filters can be defined and managed in the Chart Settings menu.
INCLUDE FILTERED MANAGERS Don't filter out managers if their subordinates remain in the chart.

Display Options

CHART TEMPLATE Choose the chart template / view.
MASTER TEMPLATE Choose the master page for your chart.
PAGE BREAKS Choose to either fit all the boxes on a single page, or create a multi-page chart.
PAGE SIZE Select the page size of your chart.

Page Breaks

Following options are available in Page breaks:

  • Single Page Chart: Creates the chart in single without any breaks.
  • Insert Page Breaks: Creates the chart in different pages by inserting breaks.

Page Size

Following options are available in Page size:

  • Letter
  • Legal
  • Tabloid

Reviewed 12/4/2018