Custom formulas allow you to define your own calculations.

Custom Formulas

You can use the following functions to build custom formulas.

  • COUNTIF - Count only records that meet specific criteria (for example, Location equals 'Atlanta')
  • AVERAGEIF - Average only records that meet specific criteria (for example, Location equals 'Atlanta')
  • SUMIF - Sum only records that meet a specific criteria (for example, sum self+subordinates if Location equals 'Atlanta')
  • SUM - Sum a field (for example, Salary Roll-up for all employees in a branch)
  • AVERAGE - Average a field (for example, average age)
  • CONCATENATE - Concatenate fields and text (for example, last name, first name)
  • LOOKUP - Lookup a value in another record (for example, lookup name of HR adviser for a person based on HR Advisor's employee ID)
  • LEFT - Extract a sub-string from the left of a string
  • RIGHT - Extract a sub-string from the right of a string
  • MAP - Map input values to output values (for example, map area codes to cities)
  • MATH - General math calculation (for example, future salary = current salary * 1.06.)

Creating a Custom Formula

To create a custom formula:

  1. Open a chart
  2. Select the DOCUMENT RIBBON
  3. Click on the Field Mgr button fieldmanager.png
  4. Click on Add formula button addformula.png
  5. Select a function (COUNTIF for example)
  6. Set the formula options (see specific formulas above for details).
  7. Click OK
  8. Click on the Rename button rename.png
  9. Rename the formula (e.g. Vacant Count)
  10. Click OK to complete the rename function
  11. Click OK (green button at the top)

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