The Compare Directories Utility allows you to determine the difference between two directories. This utility is typically used to determine how employee photos have changed between two different points in time.

For example, if you upload (or ftp) prior employee photos to directory 'A' and then upload (or ftp) the newest photos to Directory 'B', you can use the compare utility to determine which photos have been added, deleted or modified.

The Compare Directories Utility is often used in conjunction with the Unzip Utility. The Unzip Utility facilities uploading a large number of employee photos to your account.

tool.png The Compare Directories Utility is found in the FILE RIBBON in the filemgr.png File Manager tool.

How to Compare Directories

Using the Compare Directories Utility:

  1. Click on File Mgr icon (located in the FILE RIBBON)
  2. Select the tool.png Tools icon
  3. Select the Compare Directories option
  4. Select the two folders that you would like to compare
  5. Click on the Compare button
  6. An Excel file is generated


In the example below, the latest photos (stored in PhotosNew directory) are compared with last month's photos (stored in PhotosOld directory).


The .jpg files face007 and face010 are found in PhotosNew but not PhotosOld so their status is "added". The file face005.jpg is only in PhotosOld so it has a status of "removed". Photos that are altered have the status of "changed" (e.g. face000.jpg).

Reviewed 08/23/2017