In the EDIT CHART RIBBON or EDIT MASTER RIBBON any of the color options allow you to use hex code to create your own colors.

Creating a Custom Color

boxfillcolor.png Box Fill Color Sets the background color of a box.
bordercolor.png Box Border Color Sets the Border color of a box.
fontcolor.png Font Color Sets the font color of text inside of a box.
cellfillcolor.png Cell Fill Color Sets the background color of an individual cell inside of a box.
linecolor.png Connecting Line Color Sets the color of a line connecting boxes.
  • A chart will drop down that looks like:


  • To create a custom color click the little box in the bottom right corner of any of the white squares on the bottom row.
  • An input box will open up with 'FFFFFF' that is a hex code color, please click here to learn more about hexcode colors.

Needs Review 8/18/2017