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When OrgChart is not functioning properly, you can contact moc.erawtfoskroweciffo|wontrahcgro#moc.erawtfoskroweciffo|wontrahcgro with a detailed description of your error report to get the quickest and most effective assistance. Please follow the steps in this article if you are experiencing unexpected crashes in OrgChart.

Step One:

The first step to determining the cause of the error is to confirm there is indeed an issue with OrgChart.

  • Make sure you have a secure connection to the internet and have the proper OrgChart permissions.
  • Refresh your browser and check to see if the problem you are experiencing still persists.
  • If you keep experiencing the same issue, further troubleshooting must be done, as there could be an issue with OrgChart.

Step Two:

Use the debugger tool provided in all major browsers to capture the error message.
1. Open OrgChart
2. Open your browser's debugger. (See browser shortcuts table below)

Browser Windows Shortcut Mac OS Shortcut
Google Chrome Ctrl + Shift + I Cmd + Option + I
Firefox Ctrl + Shift + S Cmd + Option + S
Internet Explorer 11 F12 F12
Apple Safari Cmd + Shift + I Cmd + Shift + I
Microsoft Edge Ctrl + Shift + I Cmd + Shift + I

3. Navigate to the network tab.
4. Repeat the error, this time with the debugger tool open. You will notice an error message that will link you to a message that describes the type of error. (For example, an error in Chrome will look like this)
5. Screen capture the error message found in the previous step. You will need to include this image in your error to our support specialist.