The Define Fields function is a step within the Import Wizard. For existing charts, the define fields function is accessed using the Refresh Properties button.

The Define Fields function allows you to map your source data to the fields required by OrgChart (to import data). For example, the 'Name' field is typically mapped to a source field such as 'Employee Name' or 'Full Name'. The Define Fields step is automatically configured for most data sources.

Field Assignment

The Define Fields panel contains the following field assignments:

  • PersonID - Field that uniquely identifies a person. For example, an 'employee ID' field.
  • SupervisorID -Field that identifies a person's supervisor.
  • Name - Field containing the employee full name.
  • Title - Field containing the employee title.
  • Photo - Field containing a reference to an employee photo. See the photos topic for details on including photos in your chart.

Other Options

The following options are available:

  • Data contains hierarchy fields - Uncheck this option if your data does not contain hierarchy information (e.g. only name and title). All records will be placed in the Parking Lot. The Parking Lot allows you to use drag & drop tools to manually create a chart.

Reviewed 08/27/2017