PDF & PPT Options Drop Down


The Document Options Dropdown has the settings for PDF and PPT export.

Page Size Shows the current page size used for export. You can change the current page size from here, or from the Options dropdown.
White Background If you're using a colored master page, or a colored chart background, use this option to generate your document with a white background instead- perfect for printing without using too much colored ink.
Include Master Page Generate your Chart document with your company's master page.
Navigation Arrows When generating a multi-page document, turn on or off the Navigation arrows. You can turn them off if you intend to print the chart, or leave them on if you plan to use them digitally.

The following scopes are available:

Current Page Download just the current page (the chart you see).
Current Branch Download a chart of everyone who reports (even indirectly) to the current head of your chart.
Entire Chart Download a chart of the entire organization.