OrgChart allows you to manually add, delete, move and update chart boxes. See the Formatting Charts topic for instruction on changing how boxes are presented (e.g. font, background color, fields displayed, etc.).


If you want to automate your charts, it is recommended that you import data from an external source. All updates should be made to the external source before refreshing the chart. This method allows you to minimize or eliminate manual updates.

Adding Boxes

addbox.png Add Boxes To add a box style, select a box in the chart and then click on this icon.

Adding Charts

add.png Add Charts Add a new chart by clicking anywhere on the page. Multiple charts can be included on a single page.

Adding Assistants

addassistant.png Add Assistants Click on any box to add an assistant.

Moving Boxes

movebox.png Move Boxes Use to move boxes

Moving Objects

move.PNG Move Objects Click and drag on an object (for example a chart or text box) to reposition on the page.

Adding, Unlinking, And Relinking Charts

unlink.png Unlink Tool Click on a box to unlink the box (and its subordinates) from a chart. The unlinked branch (or box) becomes an independant chart on the page. The branch can be relinked to a chart using the 'Move Branch or Box' tool."


delete.png Delete Delete the selected box style(s).

Find And Replace

find.png Find Use to search for a string.
replace.png Replace replace a string with another string

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