The Export to Excel function allows you to create an Excel spreadsheet from the data in the current chart.

Each row in the generated spreadsheet corresponds to a box in the chart (or a record in the Parking Lot).

Access the Export to Excel function by selecting the SHARE RIBBON tab and then clicking on the exporttoexcel.png Export to Excel button.

Export to Excel Options

When exporting to Excel, you can select to export the entire chart or a subset of the chart.

  • Entire Chart - Export all rows in the chart (including orphans).
  • Current Branch - Exports the current subchart and all subordinate subcharts.
  • Current Page - Exports the current subchart.
  • Orphan Records - Exports all records in the parking lot.
  • Top Level Orphans - Exports only records with an invalid or missing supervisor.
  • Entire Chart (Extended) - Export all rows in the chart (including orphans). See additional information below.
  • Redeployed Only - Exports boxes that have been manually moved since the last refresh.
  • Chain of Command - Export all rows in the chart, and includes hierarchy of people that person reports to, as well as the associated branch level.

System Fields

Reports may contain one more system fields:

  • Orphan - '1' flags orphan records (invalid or missing supervisor)
  • Top of Subchart - '1' flags records that are the top box on a page
  • Locked - '1' flags manually locked boxes
  • Persist - '1' flags manually added boxes that are flagged to persist across refreshes
  • SuperIDLookup-Export - This is the SupervisorID for the current manager. The value will be different than the SupervisorID field if the box was manually moved by the user.

Reviewed 8/28/2017