The Field Manager allows you to add, delete or update field and formula definitions. It can be found in the DOCUMENT RIBBON.

User Interface

addfield.png Add Field Create a new field
deletefield.png Delete Field Delete field(s) and formula(s)
addformula.png Add Formulas Create a custom formula
editformula.png Edit Formulas Edit the selected custom formula
rename.png Rename Rename field or formula

Field Types

Main Article: Field Types
Fields can be set as Text, Number, Image or Date. The field type determines how a field is displayed and processed.

Field Labels

Main Article: Field Labels
Often fields cannot be renamed because they are defined from source data. You can set an alternate name for a field (e.g. field label). If set, the alternate label is used when a label is displayed in a chart box (for example, a simple label such as 'Salary' could be set to replace 'Annual_Compensation_USD').

Tips and Tricks

Reviewed 08/06/2017