Each chart box is associated with a single (person or position) record in the underlying database.

When you import data, fields and a number of predefined formulas are automatically added. You can also add your own custom formulas as needed.

To add or modify field and formula definitions select the DOCUMENT tab (in the Top Tool Bar) and then select the fieldmanager.png Field Manager button.

Field Manager

Main article: Field Manager

The Field Manager allows you to add, delete or update field and formula definitions.

Field Types

Main Article: Field Types

The field type determines how a field is displayed. For example, a field with the value 'http://orgchartguide.wdfiles.com/local--files/workwphotos/jsmith.jpg' will be displayed as a Photo if the type is set to Image and as a string if the type is set to Text.

Field types can be set as:

  • Text
  • Number
  • Image
  • Date

Predefined Formulas

Main Article: Predefined Formulas

Predefined formulas are automatically added when you create or import a chart. For example, the Headcount formula provides a count of the current box plus all direct and indirect subordinates.

Custom Formulas

Main Article: Custom Formulas

You can create custom formulas as needed. For example, a count of all 'Vacant' positions (using the COUNTIF formula).

Reviewed 08/06/2017