Use the FILE RIBBON to manage files in your account. The FILE RIBBON is also used to import data from external systems.

The FILE RIBBON is located in the Top Tool Bar.



The FILE RIBBON contains the following functions:

new.png New Document Create a blank OrgChart document.
importwiz.png Import Wizard Create an org chart from an external data source such as an Excel spreadsheet or a query to an HR System. For more information visit Import Wizard page
openfile.png Open Document Open a document stored in your cloud account.
save.png Save Document Save current document.
saveas.png Save As Save a copy of the current document to the cloud.
closefile.png Close Document Close the current document.
filemgr.png File Manager Upload/download files to/from your cloud storage account using the File Manager.
feld.png Field Manager Add, delete and rename fields and calculations. For more information visit Fields and Formulas page
configure.png Configure Connectors Configure data source connectors. For a detailed list of connectors vist Connectors page

Reviewed 08/18/2017