Optionally, you can filter out specific records from your source data (e.g. contractors or people in a specific location).

Simple Filters

A simple filter allows you to specify a single criteria for inclusion in a chart (e.g. 'Location equals Atlanta').

The following Comparison Operators are available:
equals field equal to (not case sensitive)
not equal to field not equal to (not case sensitive)
starts with field start with a value (not case sensitive)
contains field contains value (not case sensitive)
does not contain field does not contain a value (not case sensitive)
is empty no value set for field
is not empty any value set for field
greater than field greater than a value
less than field less than a value
greater than or equal to field greater than or equal to a value
less or equal to field less or equal to a value
in list field in comma delimited list (not case sensitive)
not in list field not in comma delimited list (not case sensitive)

Matching Options

In addition to the filter definition, you can specify one of the following matching options:

  • Matches only - only matched records are included
  • Include direct subordinates - matched records and their direct subordinates are included
  • Include subordinates - matched records and their direct and indirect subordinates are included


  • See the Complex Filters topic for more information comparing dates. For example, to define a rule to exclude future employees (e.g. 'Hire_Date less than 'TODAY').
  • Use the 'Include Chain of Command' Option to include additional levels of management in your charts.
  • Use the 'Include filtered managers' option to include the managers in the chart who get filtered when you select filter data options.

Complex Filters

Main Article: Complex Filters

Complex filters allow you to use multiple criteria and logical operators to define a filter.

Updating an Existing Filter

To update an existing filter:

  1. Open the desired chart
  2. Select the REFRESH RIBBON and then click on the chartproperties.png Refesh Properties icon.
  3. Make sure the 'Specify data filter' checkbox is selected.
  4. Define the filter (simple or complex - see above)
  5. Click OK to set the updated filter
  6. Refresh your chart using the refresh.png Data Refresh button.

Reviewed 08/27/2017