During the import and data refresh processes, various options to filter or split source data are available.

The Filter Data functionality is included as a step in the Import Wizard. After import is complete, Filter Data properties can be modified using the Refresh Properties function.

Data Filter Options

Main Article : Data Filter Options

Optionally, you can filter out specific records from your source data (e.g. exclude people in a specific location). See the Data Filter topic for additional details on creating filters.

Multi-chart Documents

Main Article : Multi-chart Documents

Configuration of Multi-Chart Document options is included in the Filter Data panel.

This option allows you to store multiple independent charts within a single document (like tabs in an Excel spreadsheet). This is useful when the user needs to create a separate charts based on some criteria (e.g. department, division, business unit, location, etc.) within the organization.

Top Box Options

Main Article : Top Box Options

In certain cases, you may need to specify which record to place at the top of the chart. For example, if the CEO reports to the CFO and the CFO reports to the CEO, you will end up with a circular reference err. The Top Box function solves this issue by allowing you to specify which box is designated as the 'top box' in the chart.

Reviewed 8/27/2017