You have full control over the presentation of your charts. This section provides details on how to modify the various presentation aspects of a chart.


  • Whenever possible, you should use Rule Driven Charting instead of manually updating presentation properties.
  • You also have full control over the Master Page presentation. The master page contains elements that are included on every page of your chart (for example, a corporate logo or page numbers).

Presentation Options

The following presentation options are available:

  • Box Properties allow you to modify properties including color, border style, box shape, sort order of boxes and fields shown (within a box).
  • Text Properties allow you to modify text properties including font size, font style, font color and cell background color.
  • Text Alignment allows you to modify text alignment and text wrapping properties for cells within boxes.
  • Line Properties allow you to modify line color, line style and line thickness for connecting lines between boxes.
  • Chart Positioning allows you to control how a chart is positioned on the page. You can also manually position a chart on the page.
  • Branch Styles allow you to control the branch style of boxes within your chart.
  • Box Spacing allow you to change the spacing between boxes.

Copy Format

The Copy Format option is a quick way to copy box properties to multiple boxes.

To use the copy format tool:

  1. Select any box in the chart (make sure you are in the select.png Select Tool Mode
  2. Click on the opyformat.png Copy Format Tool
  3. Select any other box(es) in the chart
  4. Click on the aste.png Paste Tool to apply the copied format to the selected boxes


  • The Box Styles library allows you to store/apply a predefined set of box presenations.
  • The Page Properties function allows you to control various page settings (e.g. page size, margins size, etc.).
  • The Fast Select allows you to select groups of objects quickly (e.g. all managers or all non-managers).

Reviewed 9/4/2017