The Google Connector allows you to import data directly from your Google account. To use the Google Connector you must follow these steps:

Create a Service Account

Best practice is to use a Service Account for doing the query (as opposed to a standard google account).

Step 1:

Create a Service Account


Step 2:

Set up the service account as follows (Set the role to project owner) – service account name can be specified by the customer


Step 3:

A json file will be downloaded to your computer… Please send us that file (See attached sample)

Step 4:

Get the client ID from the API Manager


Step 5:

Grant API access to the client ID – in admin.google.com - click on the ‘Security’ icon


Step 6:

Select ‘Advanced Settings’ (Show More) and then ‘Manage API Client Access’


Complete the Configuration in OrgChart NOW

  1. Log into OrgChart Now as an Adminstrator
  2. Select the FILE menu
  3. Select the Configure button
  4. Enter your 'Domain Name', 'Email' and Report ID (Enter 0)
  5. Click on 'Upload Service Account Credentials'
  6. Upload the JSON credentials
  7. Click on OK
  8. Use the Import Wizard to complete importing your data. Select the 'Google' connector.