Use gradient fills to apply a graduated blend of colors in your org chart. Creating a gradient fill is a good way to create a smooth color gradation. Gradients can be applied to backgrounds, boxes, and cells. Gradients are a great way to spruce up your org chart. Try them out!

Navigate to Gradient:

Follow these steps to create a simple box gradient:

  1. Click on any box in your chart
  2. Select EDIT CHART RIBBON (edit.png)
  3. Navigate to Box Properties:
  4. Set the Gradient:
    • Select the Box Fill Color option in the Box Panel
    • Select the (opt.png) button.
    • Select the Gradient Fill radio button
    • A new color palette will appear. Select the Primary Color, and then a Secondary Color.
    • Select OK

For more tips on using gradients, see the How To Articles on incorporating Gradients and Fills in your charts.