In order to query data from Greenhouse, you must follow these steps to link your Greenhouse account.


In Greenhouse
  • Navigate to "Configure (Gear icon on the top right) > Dev Center > API Credential Management"
  • Select "Create New Harvest API Key" and select copy to copy it to your clipboard.
  • Set permissions as follows:

In OrgChart Now
  • Navigate to File > Configure > Greenhouse
  • Enter the "Harvest API Key" (that was copied), Job Title (current connectors field name) and Department (current connectors field name) with a Report ID of "1".
  • Refresh the chart.
  • An append file will be placed in the "Reference" folder (if this folder does not exist then you must create it) named "Greenhouse.xls"
  • Navigate to "Refresh > Properties > Advanced Options", tick the "Append Data" box and insert the name of the append file (Greenhouse.xls)
  • Refresh the chart to apply the append file (ensure that you save the chart after the above is complete)