Welcome to the OrgChart Now user guides. The documents listed in this page teach you how to build organizational charts using automation tools in the OrgChart Now Application.

If you're brand new to OrgChart Now and want to jump into creating charts, start with Tutorial 1 - Creating your First Chart.

Otherwise, the following is a small selection of essential developer guides that you should be familiar with.

Tutorials: Learning the basics of OrgChart Now
Tutorial 1 - Creating your First Chart
Tutorial 2 - Applying Chart Templates and Box Styles
Tutorial 3 - Using the Import Wizard
Tutorial 4 - Manually Formatting a Chart
Tutorial 5 - Publishing a Chart
Tutorial 6 - Using the Box Layout Editor
Tutorial 7 - Modifying Page Layout
Tutorial 8 - Creating a Workforce Plan

How-To's: Step-by-step guides to better org charts
Working with Photos - Using Photos in OrgChart
Auxiliary and Matrix Reporting
Legends - Working with Legends in OrgChart
Append Data - Merge data sets with the Append Data Function
Creating Management Level Charts - Advancing org charts in OrgChart
Creating Co-Head Chart - Rule-based co-head manager charts
Complex Rules - Defining and implementing complex rules and conditional formatting
How to add OrgChart Now to Okta Dashboard - Adding Okta Dashboard to OrgChart
Embed org charts into your Google site - Learn how to embed charts into Google
Embed org charts into Word Press - Learn how to embed charts into Word Press
Embed Chart in People HR - Learn how to embed a chart in People HR