The iCIMS data connector is an applicant tracking system (ATS) that can be configured in conjunction with your ADP account or other HR management software within OrgChart Now.

The cost to implement this is a one-time fee from iCIMS in addition to the monthly cost. To setup iCIMS in OrgChart Now, contact your iCIMS Account Manager to set up a Scoping Call for integration and technical support (integration can be in the form of Flat File or API based).

Step 1: HR Software Configuration in OrgChart Now

You can append data from iCIMS into your org charts. This allows you to include open (or vacant) positions in your org chart.

Before configuring your iCIMS connector, you must first configure your primary data connector (e.g. where you employee data is stored). To configure ADP as your primary connector, click here. If you are using other primary connectors, please contact us at moc.erawtfoskroweciffo|wontrahcgro#moc.erawtfoskroweciffo|wontrahcgro.

Step 2: Connector Configuration

If you are using ADP as a data source, select 'ADP' from the Configure menu.

  • Select 'iCIMS' from the drop-down list as your ATS in the configuration menu.

Next, you need to configure the iCIMS connector.

  1. Select the FILE RIBBON (filer.PNG)
  2. Select the Configure asdf.png Menu
  3. Select iCIMS isims.PNG from the drop-down menu
  4. Enter the credentials in the menu below provided by your iCIMS integration specialist.
  5. Select Ok

Step 3: Set up iCIMS Data Append

  1. Import your ADP or HR software management data using the Import Wizard
  2. Select the REFRESH tab
  3. Select the Refresh Properties icon and then select Advanced Options
  4. Select the check box associated to the 'Append Data' option
  5. Enter 'icims.xls'
  6. Click OK
  7. Select the REFRESH tab (if not already selected)
  8. Select the Refresh icon
  9. Click on the Refresh button
  10. Notice that the changes specified in the icims.xls file are reflected in the chart


Here are some things to try if you are able to retrieve you ADP keys:

  1. Make sure you have given consent - visit the ADP Consent Manager to grant (or review) consent.
  2. Make sure to sign up in ADP Marketplace (if you signed up for an OrgChart account through our website)
    * OrgChart for ADP Workforce Now
    * OrgChart for ADP Vantage HCM
  3. Contact customer support for assistance (your trial may have expired)