OrgChart supports importing both Excel spreadsheets and CSV files.

Data Preparation

In order to import a file, the file must contain the following fields:

  • PersonID – Unique identifier for each person or position (typically an employee number or ID)
  • SupervisorID – Unique identifier for each person’s (or position’s) supervisor
  • Name – Employee name
  • Title – Employee title
  • Department (Recommended but not required) – A person’s department (e.g. Engineering or Marketing)

You can include an unlimited number of additional fields to your data file (for example, location, email address or mobile phone).


OrgChart can automatically format assistants in your charts. You can either use the Assistant Wizard to create rules to format assistants or you can add an 'IsAssistant' field to your data. If you add an 'IsAssistant' field:

  • Set the field name to 'IsAssistant'
  • Set the value to 0 or 1 (1 indicates the person is an assistant)


Main Article: Working with Photos

You can include employee photos in your charts. Photos can either be referenced using a 'Photo' field or can be dynamically referenced using the using a Formula. See the Photos topic for more details.


Example Data

Use the following example to create a data file. The column names do not have to match those shown below.

PersonID SupervisorID Name Title Department
1 Steve Smith CEO Executive
2 1 Sandra Chen Vice President Marketing
3 1 George Lopez Vice President Engineering
4 2 Arnold Osborne Exec. Assistant Marketing

In the example above, Sandra Chen and George Lopez report to Steve Smith and Arnold Osborne reports to Sandra Chen.

Example Data with Optional Fields

The following example includes a static photo reference and the 'IsAssistant' flag.

PersonID SupervisorID Name Title isAssistant Department Photo
1 Steve Smith CEO 0 Executive Smith1.jpg
2 1 Sandra Chen Vice President 0 Marketing Chen2.jpg
3 1 George Lopez Vice President 0 Engineering Lopez3.jpg
4 2 Arnold Osborne Exec. Assistant 1 Marketing Osborne4.jpg

Uploading Files

You can use the File Manager to upload data files from your computer. You can also use an FTP or SFTP client to upload data files to your account.

Any directory (in your account) can be used for storing data files;however, using the 'Data' directory is recommended.

Reviewed 09/5/2017