Use this section to learn more about specific functions. The OrgChart user interface is similar to Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint. This helps to reduce the learning curve for most users. Click on the image below to see how the user interface is organized.

  • Provides a dynamic, interactive drag & drop experience (like you find in desktop applications such as Visio, PowerPoint and Excel)
  • Requires no installations (runs directly in all modern browsers)
  • Requires no browser plugs (as in ZERO)
  • Software updates are automatic - you are always on the latest release

Top Tool Bar

Main Article: Top Tool Bar

The top tool bar contains commonly used functions. The top toolbar also contains various System Tools.


Ribbons provide a familiar user interface for accessing various functions.

FILE RIBBON Manage and create files within your account (for example, Open, Save and Delete files)
DOCUMENT RIBBON Configure document level properties (for example, add formulas or set page size)
REFRESH RIBBON Synchronize your chart with source data
EDIT CHART RIBBON Manually update your chart content and presentation
EDIT MASTER RIBBON Edit the master page
SUBCHARTS RIBBON Break your chart into multiple pages
SHARE RIBBON Publish your chart to various formats (for example, PDF or Excel) or to a intranet/internet site
HELP RIBBON Access various help resources

Side Panels

Side Panels provide a method to directly interact with your charts.

Profile Panel Display additional details for the selected chart box
Subchart Panel Navigate through chart pages ([/subchartpan subcharts) using a tree control
Search Panel Search for specific records
Views Panel Apply different visualization to your chart (for example, with or without photos)
Parking Panel Display records that have missing or invalid supervisors (or have been removed from the chart)
Chart Templates Panel Manage a library of templates that your can apply to your charts (e.g. a set of conditional formats that control presentation).
Box Styles Panel Manage a library of box styles that you can apply to your charts (e.g. a box containing name, title and department vs. a box containing name, title, department and email address)


showpanel.png If the side panels are hidden, click on 'Show Panels' icon.

Bottom Tool Bar

Main Article: Bottom Tool Bar

The bottom tool bar contains information about the current open document.

Main Viewing Area

Main Article: Main Viewing Area

The main viewing area is where the current open document (e.g. org chart) is displayed.

Reviewed 9/4/2017