Box Layout Editor

boxlayouteditor.png The box layout editor gives you full control over how a box is presented in the chart.
Box Layout Ribbons Tab

Layout Tools Tab - tools for interacting with the current box layout.
Box Properties Tab - Change box presentation options.
Text Properties Tab - Set how text is displayed within cells.
Alignment Tab - Set how text is aligned within cells.
Cell Tab - Additional cell configuration options.
Rows and Columns Tab - Insert and delete rows and columns.

Displaying Fields
  • To add a field - Insert a row or column (See Rows and Columns tab) and then drag a field from the field picker (on the left) into a box cell.
  • To replace a field - Drag a field from the field picker (on the left) over a the box cell containing the field you want to replace.
  • To remove a field - Drag the field from a box cell to anywhere outside of the box.
Box Sizing
  • Fixed - To adjust width, drag the green arrow to change the width of a box. Use the -/+ controls adjust width or height. Use the blue arrow to reset the height.
  • Auto (Self) - Box height is automatically sized based on content. Box width is also determined by content but must fall within min/max bounds.
  • Auto (Smart) - Box width is automatically sized based on the width of peers and supervisors. A supervisor can never be narrower than a subordinate. Box height is automatically sized based height of peers (tree branch style) or on content (one column branch style).
Layout Types
  • In OCN 5.0+, boxes can be set as 'Containers'. Container boxes are used to group other boxes together. You can use the system container styles or create you own.
  • Containers can be used to group managers and/or non-managers. You can select the option for 'Co-Manager Group' if you want to draw connecting lines from each column in the box, or leave it unchecked for a single line.
  • You can limit the box to be contained in a single row, or set up to 4 columns for the box. For best results with Co-Manager styles and Co-Head styles, use the option for 'Co-Manager Group' and 'Limit to Single Row'.
  • You can drag fields into container boxes, just like standard boxes. When you do so, their values will come from the first box inside the container. For best results, you should put fields in a container that all the members of the container will share the same value (e.g all Title: Grad Students in a container with a Title field in the header)

Tips and Tricks

  • If a box is too tall, use the 'Text Wrap' tool to limit the number of lines allowed for any given field.
  • You can reposition a field by dragging it from one box cell to another.
  • Time Saver: Enter content into box, open the layout editor, check 'Preview' before changing presentation properties.
  • The Page Optimization topic gives tips on how to fit a large number of boxes on a page.
  • Formulas (such as a headcount total) can also be included in chart boxes.