Map input values to output values (for example, map zip codes to cities).

Creating a MAP formula

To create a MAP formula:

  1. With a chart open, select the DOCUMENT RIBBON
  2. Click on the fieldmanager.png Fields button
  3. Click on [[image /fieldmgr/addformula.png] Add formula
  4. Select the MAP menu item
  5. Input String or integer between " " that is desired to be mapped from. (e.g. If field has zipcodes then "94949") followed by a colon ( : ) then write what desired name of output is between " "
  6. If multiple unique values are desired to be mapped then a comma ( , ) is used to separate inputs
  7. Select the Field that is being mapped from using the Field drop-down menu
  8. Click OK
  9. Rename the formula (e.g. ZiptoCity)
  10. Click OK to complete the rename function
  11. Click OK (green button at the top)

MAP Example

A MAP formula named ZiptoCity with input of:

  • "94949": "Novato" , "95070" : "Saratoga"
  • And the Zip Code field selected (as the mapping field)

Would display Novato (for Zip Code of 94949) and Saratoga (for Zip Code of 95070).

Reviewed 9/4/2017