The master page contains elements that are included on every page of your chart (for example, a corporate logo or page numbers). You can either manually update the master page or use a master page template.

Master Page Topics

The following master page topics provide details on how to create/edit master pages:

Master Page Templates

After creating a master page for a chart, you can save the master page content as a master page template. Master page templates can then be applied to other charts (saving time and helping to maintain consistency across charts).

To create a Master Page Template

  1. Open a chart with a complete master page
  2. Select the saveas.png Save As button (in the FILE RIBBON)
  3. Select the Masters folder (on the left). The 'Masters' folder is a good place to store master page templates if you are collaborating with other users.
  4. Select the 'Master Page Template' checkbox
  5. Name the Template
  6. Click on the 'Save' button

To apply a Master Page Template

  1. Open a chart
  2. Select the updatemaster.png Update button (in the EDIT MASTER RIBBON)
  3. Select the folder where the master page template is stored (typically the Masters folder).
  4. Double-click a master page template to apply

Reviewed 9/4/2017