The EDIT MASTER RIBBON contains tools that allow you to configure the contents of the master page. The master page contains elements that are common to all pages of an org chart.

The EDIT MASTER RIBBON is found in the Top Tool Bar.


Tools Group

The following tools are available:
select.png Select Tool Enter Select Mode. This mode allows you to select and edit objects. Click and drag (starting on the background) to select multiple objects.
pan.png Pan Tool Enter Pan Mode. Click and drag to change which part of the master page is displayed.
moveobject.png Move Object Tool Enter Move Object Mode. Click and drag on any object to reposition.

Tips and Tricks

  • You can resize an object by dragging the small square in the lower right-hand corner.
  • You can zoom in/out using the mousewheel or the zoom control (in the lower right hand corner).
  • Right click on the chart background to change tool modes.

Object Properties Group

Changes apply to any selected objects only.
boxshape.png Shape Set object shape.
boxfillcolor.png Fill Color Set object fill color.
boxshadow.png Shadow Turn object shadow on or off.
boxborder.png Border Set object border style and thickness.
bordercolor.png Border Color Set object border color.
boxlayouteditor.png Layout Editor Modify the format of a object (e.g. legend or table).

Tips and Tricks

  • The last row of the color picker allows you to set custom colors.

Text Properties Group

Changes apply to any selected objects and/or selected cells (within objects) only.
fontselector.png Font Selector Select the font.
fontsize.png Font Size Set the font size.
fontcolor.png Font Color Set the font color.
cellfillcolor.png Cell Fill Color Set cell file color.
bold.png Bold Turn bold on or off.
italic.png Italic Turn italic on or off.
labeloptions.png Label Options Set a cell to show a field label, a field value or both field label and value.

Tips and Tricks

  • Best visual practice is keep the number of different fonts (e.g. Arial, Times, etc.) and font sizes used in a single chart to a minimum.
  • The last row of the color picker allows you to set custom colors.

Text Alignment Group

Changes apply to any selected objects and/or selected cells only.

verticalalignment.png Vertical Alignment Align the text to the top, middle or bottom of a cell.
horizontalalignment.png Horizontal Alignment Align text to the left, center or right of a cell. 'Justify' aligns the field label on the left and the field value on the right.
wraptext.png Wrap Text Wrap text to multiple lines if the text doesn't fit horizontally within a cell.

Tips and Tricks

  • You may want to change the width of an object if text wraps to too many lines.

Arrange Group

Changes apply to any selected objects.
pinobject.png Pin Object Pin object on the page. Pinned objects are automatically repositioned when the page is resized.
arrange.png Arrange Align and arrange charts, images and text boxes on the page.

Extras Group

The tools in the Extras Group allow you to add text labels, autotext elements, pictures, tables and legends to the master page.

addtextbox.png Add Text Box Click to add a text box.
addautotextelement.png Add AutoText Element Click to add an autotext element such as a page # or subchart name.
addimagetool.png Add Image Tool Click to add an image (such as a corporate logo).
addtabletool.png Add Table Tool Click to add a Table.
addlegendtool.png Add Legend Tool Click to add a Legend.

Tips and Tricks

  • Double click or right-click on an image to manually set scaling.
  • Right-click on an image to access image properties.

Masters Group

Update the master page from a template or set the background color for the entire master page.

backgroundcolor.PNG Background Color Set the Background Color for the Master Page.
updatemaster.png Update Master Update the Master Page from an existing Master Page Template.

Reviewed 9/4/2017