General customized math calculation (for example, future salary = current salary * 1.06.)

Creating a MATH formula

To create a MATH formula:

  1. With a chart open, select the DOCUMENT RIBBON
  2. Click on the Fields button fieldmanager.png
  3. Click on Add formula button addformula.png
  4. Select the MATH menu item
  5. Write desired calculation to be made
  6. Click OK
  7. Rename the formula (e.g. PercentPartTime)
  8. Click OK to complete the rename function
  9. Click OK (green button at the top)

MATH Formula Examples

Example 1

The example below shows how the MATH formula can show the percentage of part-time employees. Let's assume a field exists called FT/PT that contains either "Full-time" or "Part-time" depending on employee's status.

  1. Create a new COUNTIF formula, select FT/PT as the field, equals as the comparison, Part-time as the value then rename it Part-time
  2. Create a new MATH formula and enter [Part-time]/[Headcount] (Headcount is a predefined formula)
  3. Rename it PercentPartTime
  4. At the bottom of the Field Manager select the percentage box


This will display the percentage of part-time employees included in the chart.

Example 2

The example below shows how the MATH formula can convert hourly wages and weekly wages into the same units (using a ternary operator).

  1. Create a new MATH formula
  2. Enter [PayPeriod] == 'Hourly' ? [Wage]*40 : [Wage]
  3. Rename the formula to Weekly Wage

This calculation will check if an employee's pay period is hourly, if true it will multiply the employee's wage by 40 (hours) to convent to a weekly wage. If False, it will display the employee's wage since it is already weekly.

Date Math Examples

Main Article: Date Math

The MATH function supports Date Math (e.g. years of service from hire date or age from birth date).

Reviewed 9/4/2017