The Missing Photo Utility generates a spreadsheet containing a list of all records that have a missing or invalid photo reference.

missing.png The Missing Photo Utility is found in the DOCUMENT RIBBON.

Missing Photos

To use the Missing Photos utility:

  1. Open a chart
  2. Select the DOCUMENT RIBBON
  3. Select the Missing Photos button missing.png
  4. An Excel file containing a list of all missing images will be generated.

Sample Output

The Missing Photos Utility makes it easy to determine which employees in a chart have missing photos. This is especially useful when working with charts containing hundreds or even thousands of boxes.

The 'MissingPhotos' report contains three fields for each record with a missing photo:

  • PersonID - Employee ID (or other identifier) associated with an employee
  • Name - Employee Name
  • Photo - <Folder>:<FileName> or <URL to Photo>

For example, for the chart:


The following 'MissingPhotos' report is generated:


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