OrgChart provides multiple way to navigate through your charts.

Navigation Options

The following navigation options are available:

  1. Subchart Arrows - Navigate up and down subcharts directly in the org chart (using arrows buttons located at the top and bottom of chart boxes).
  2. Search - Search by name or title. Type any part of an employee's name or title into the search text entry and then click on the search button. A list of matching results are displayed. Double click on any result to navigate to the associated chart box.
  3. Find by Face - Search for a particular face.
  4. Subchart Panel - Click on any subchart listed in the panel to navigate to the associated chart.

Switching Divisions

Main Article: Switching Divisions

Multi-chart Documents allows you to store multiple charts in a single document. For example, you can create a chart for each corporate location (e.g. Atlanta, San Francisco, Boston). Use the Division switcher located in the Subchart Panel Toolbar to switching between charts.

Reviewed 8/28/2017