User Interface

OrgChart Reader allows users to view and publish org charts. Reader accounts cannot create or modify charts.

opendocument.png Open Document Open a document stored in your organization's cloud account.
closedocument.png Close Document Close the current document.
select.png Select Tool Click to select boxes, box cells and connecting lines. Click and drag (starting on the background) to select multiple boxes.
pan.png Pan Tool Click and drag to change which part of the chart is displayed.
publish.png Publish Publish chart to SVG, PNG, JPG, EPS and PDF formats.
exportexcel.png Export to Excel Create an Excel spreadsheet from the current chart (each row in the spreadsheet corresponds to a box in the chart).
administrationtools.png Change Password Change your password.
signout.png Sign Out Sign out of OrgChart Reader.
about.png About Information about the current release.
help.png Help Show/Hide application help.

Note: Some Functions may be hidden based on user permissions or web publish settings.

Side Panels

Side Panels provide a method to directly interact with your charts.

Profile Panel Display details on the selected chart box
Subchart Panel Navigate through chart pages using a tree control
Search Panel Search for a specific box or boxes
Views Panel Apply different visualization to your chart (for example, with or without photos)

Note: Some Panels may be hidden based on user permissions or web publish settings.