Use the following procedure to generate a link that can be embedded in People HR.
1. Log into OrgChart Now (account must have administrator privileges)
2. If you haven’t done so already, create a ‘read only’ user id (See Appendix A for details)
3. Open your org chart (see the Getting Started Guide for more information on how to create a chart)
4. Save your chart in the ‘Public’ folder (Use the Save As option under the FILE tab)
5. Click on the ‘SHARE’ tab
6. Select the ‘Publish to Web’ option ublish.png
7. The ‘OrgChart Now – URL Generator’ web form is displayed. You can either generate a ‘Public Link’ or a ‘Restricted Link’. A ‘Restricted Link’ is more secure than a ‘Public Link’ but requires the OrgChart Now team to add a ‘restriction’ to our database. See Appendix B for additional details on Restricted Links.

8. Fill in the following required fields:
a. Read Only User ID (See Step 2 above)
b. File Name (name of the chart you saved to the Public folder)
9. Fill in other fields as desired. The default settings are typically ok; however, you can try different parameters if needed.
a. Functionality – Allows you to control what functions the end user can access (e.g. Publish to PDF or Export to Excel).
b. Initial Tab – Allows you to configure which tab is initially shown (e.g. Search or Profile)
c. Zoom – Typically set to 100%. Set to 75% or 50% if you have a large chart.
d. Hide Tabs – Allows you to hide tabs from the end user. For example, you may not want the end user to access the additional details shown in the Profile panel.
10. Click ‘Test URL’ to make sure the URL is working as expected.
11. Once you have the URL configured correctly, click on ‘Generate URL’. The resulting URL will be used in the next step (People HR Setup).

People HR to update link

Use the following procedure to set or update the org chart link in People HR:

1. Log into People HR (account must have administrator privileges)
2. Select the ‘Settings’ option on the left


4. In the ‘Company’ panel locate the ‘Organisation chart’ option. Make sure the option is ‘Turned On’ and then enter (or copy/paste) the link generated in the previous section in the ‘Organisation chart external link’ text box.


Appendix A: Adding a Read Only User Account

Use the following procedure to add a read only user account.

Appendix B: Restricted Links

To setup a restricted link follow the procedure above ‘OrgChart Now Setup’ procedure (above) with the following exceptions:

  1. Select the ‘Restricted Link’ option in the ‘OrgChart Now – URL Generator’ form.
  2. Save your chart to any folder other than the ‘Public’ folder (e.g. create a folder called ‘Restricted’). Specify the chart ‘Directory’ in the ‘Directory’ field.
  3. Email moc.erawtfoskroweciffo|wontrahcgro#moc.erawtfoskroweciffo|wontrahcgro to request that a ‘restricted link’ for your People HR account. Make sure to include the URL (generated in the form) in the email.


Email for assistance.