Photos can be included in your chart boxes.

Preparing and Uploading Photos (Photo Sizing)

Photos should be resized to a small size prior to upload.

Depending on your preference you use square or tall photos:

  • Recommended square sizes are 72 X 72 or 150 X 150 (pixels)
  • Recommended tall sizes are 80 X 100 or 160 X 200 (width by height) (pixels)
  • Wide photos are also supported (but not recommended). Recommended sizes include 100 x 80 and 200 x 160. (pixels)
  • Use the Upload Manager to upload files from your computer. Any directory (in your account) can be used for storing photos, however using the 'Photos' directory is recommended.

See the following article on Creating Professional Quality Photos for some tips on how to create great looking photos.

Use the Box Layout Editor to add photos to your boxes

Referencing Photos with the CONCATENATE Formula

This is the recommended method
See the article on the CONCATENATE Formula for more details.

Import Wizard and Photos

Using the CONCATENATE formula is the recommended method

If you are importing an Excel Spreadsheet (or using the ODBC connector), you can add a column called 'Photos'. This column should be populated with a photo reference.

The following formats are supported:

Photo Notes
Photo.jpg (for example: '12555.jpg') This format will search the 'Photos' directory for a referenced photo
Directory:Photo.jpg (for example: 'MyPhotos:12555.jpg') This format will search the specified directory for the referenced photo
Photo URL (for example: 'http://{yourwebsite}/photos/12555.jpg) The URL will be resolved to a photo.

Manually updating Photos

You can double click on any photo to replace it with another photo.

Missing Photos

If a photo is missing, OrgChart Now will show a silhouette image instead of an employee photo. You can replace the default 'missing.jpg' file with your own missing image file is desired. See the following topic for more information - Creating your own Missing Image.

Tips and Tricks

  • The naming convention for Photos should be associated with the employee name or ID (e.g. employeeid.jpg or employeename.jpg)
  • For URL photo links, only jpg and png files are supported. For uploaded pictures, only jpg files are supported
  • If you need to upload a large number of photos, contact moc.erawtfoskroweciffo|wontrahcgro#moc.erawtfoskroweciffo|wontrahcgro and request an FTP account. You can then use any FTP tool to mass upload photo files
  • You can also use photos for purposes other than employee photos. For example, you can create a box layout containing a 'star' to mark key employees