This article contains some tips on how to create professional quality photos for your org charts.

There are many free tools available for masking, cropping and resizing photos. Adobe products are considered the industry standard for photo editing; however, pretty much any photo editing tool will work. Our Professional Services team can help you resize your photos if needed.


Make sure your photos are sized correctly. See the following article for more information sizing - Photo Sizing.

Photos that are too big:

  • Will slow performance
  • Will result in large PDF files (when publishing to PDF).

A simple solution is to use 'Paint' (typically preloaded on all Windows computers) to resize photos.

  • Open your picture in Paint
  • Crop your picture as needed (See next section)
  • Click on the Resize button
  • Select the Pixel radio button
  • Enter desired pixel width or height ('Maintain the Aspect Ratio' should always be selected)

Cropping and Centering

Unnecessary background space around a person's face should be cropped out. The face should be centered in the photo.

Before cropping and centering:


After cropping and centering:


Masking the background

Some customers like to strip out the background from their photos. This is especially useful if you want to include border-less boxes in your charts.


This article provides some instructions on how to remove the background from a photo - Masking Photos.


If possible, it is best to hire a professional photographer and instruct them to use the same background for all photos. Also, the photos should be relatively consistent (e.g. full body shots and head shots don't mix well).