The profile panel gives you access to fields and formulas beyond what is shown in the selected chart box. When you click on a box in the chart, additional details about that box are displayed in the profile panel.

The Profile Panel is found in the Side Panel.


Modifying Profile Presentation

You can modify the presentation of the profile using the tools at the top of the profile panel.

adrows.png Add Rows Add dividers, headers, fields and formulas to the profile.
removerow.png Remove Rows Remove selected row(s) from the profile.
reorderrows.png Reorder Rows Move selected row up or down within the profile.
fontclor.png Font Color Set the font color for the selected cells.
celfillcolor.png Cell Fill Color Set background color for the selected cell(s).
bld.png Bold Turn bold on or off for the selected cell(s).
itali.png Italic Turn italic on or off for the selected cell(s).

Editing Field Values

Double click on any cell in the profile to update a field value. You cannot modify calculated values.

Learn More

See the Creating Profiles "how to" article for more details on how to create compelling profiles.


showpanel.png If the panel is hidden, click on 'Show Panels' icon and then select the 'Subchart' tab (at the bottom).

Reviewed 08/18/2017