In the SHARE RIBBON, you will find the publish.png Publish function. This function allows you to publish to a number of commonly used file formats.

Available Formats

You can use the Publish function to publish charts to the following formats:
svg.png Scalable Vector Graphics This format is best for presentation within a web page. SVG scales smoothly when zoomed up. Current versions of all browsers support SVG. SVG files cannot be imported into MS Office documents.
png.png Portable Network Graphics This format works well both in documents (e.g. PowerPoint or Word) and in web pages; however, it does not scale well if zoomed up. Print quality is not as good as EPS, PDF or SVG.
pnghr.png High Resolution PNG Better quality than standard PNG but file size is 4X larger. Good format for inclusion in Microsoft Word or PowerPoint documents.
jpeg.png JPEG The JPEG format is included for completeness; however, it is not well suited for images containing text. JPEG can be used in application documents and websites.
eps.png Encapulated Postscript EPS gives high quality results when printed. The EPS format is best handled by Adobe tools. Microsoft Word and PowerPoint have limited support for EPS (good for printing but not for on screen display).
xml.png Extensible Markup Language XML is a file extension for an Extensible Markup Language file format used to create common information formats and share both the format and the data on the World Wide Web, intranets, and elsewhere using standard ASCII text. Best format for developers who want to render charts using proprietary code or 3rd party tools.
pdf.png PDF Portable Document Format (PDF) gives high quality results both on screen and when printed.

PDF Options

The following PDF output options are available:

  • Current Page - Create a PDF for the current subchart.
  • Current Branch - Create a PDF for the current subchart and all subordinate subcharts.
  • Entire Chart - Create a PDF for the entire chart.

Other Options

backgroundtransparency.png Background Transparency Turn on/off transparent background. This option should be used when pasting (or inserting) charts into PowerPoint slides (especially if a slide has a colored background). Only applicable to PNG.
croptochart.png Crop to Chart The white space around the chart is cropped out in output. Applicable to all formats except for PDF.
outputoptions.png Output Options Specify where to output published documents - download or save to account folder. This function is not available to read only user logins.

Reviewed 8/28/2017