This guide provides step by step instruction on how to use OrgChart to create and maintain organizational charts for your organization. This guide focuses on a single use case - automating your Org Charts. See the How To Articles for step by step guides on other topics.

Creating an org chart manually can be very time consuming. A better approach is to use a software tool, like OrgChart, to automatically create your org charts from an external data source (for example, a query into your HR System or an Excel Spreadsheet).


Step 1: Preparation

OrgChart contains built in data connectors that allow you to query data directly from an HR System, directory system, a flat file or even a database.

If you plan on using a data connector, visit the data connectors topic for information on how to configure connectors. Proceed directly to Step 2 once your connector is configured. If you plan on importing data from a file (e.g. CSV or Excel), you'll need to create a file containing your org chart data.

If you aren't ready to create a data file or configure a connector, you can use sample data in step 2.

» Creating an Import File (Excel or CSV)

Below is an example of a data file. See the Excel/CSV topic for complete documentation on how to create a data file.

You can include any number of fields in your data file.

PersonID SupervisorID Name Title isAssistant Department Photo
1 0 Steve Smith CEO 0 Executive Smith1.jpg
2 1 Sandra Chen Vice President 0 Marketing Chen2.jpg
3 1 George Lopez Vice President 0 Engineering Lopez3.jpg
4 1 Arnold Osborne Exec Assistant 1 Marketing Osborne4.jpg

In the example above, Sandra Chen and George Lopez report to Steve Smith and Arnold Osborne reports to Sandra Chen.

» Click here to download a sample data file.